Kolaches are just one, very small thing that celebrate America’s diversity. πŸ™‚

DSC00504 (2)


Czechoslovakia is probably not the first country that comes to mind when people set out to identify the ethnic influences on Texas food. However, any Central Texan who has ever slurped a bowl of homemade noodles in rich chicken broth or sunk their teeth into the soft, yeasty cloud of a fruit kolache knows that Czechs bring a delicious contribution to the Texas culinary table…

The kolache is the most prominent edible symbol of Texas Czech culture and probably the most tested pastry in all of Texas. Kolaches are made with sweetened yeast dough formed into rolls and filled with fruit, cheese or sausage before baking. Classic Czech fillings are prune, poppyseed, cottage cheese, and sausage, though fruit fillings such as cherry, peach, apple, and apricot have become popular as well. Some family recipes call for a crumb topping and others do not; some German-influenced bakers add mashed potatoes to assure a moist dough while others swear by lard instead of vegetable shortening…

To try your hand at kolache-making, here’s three time-tested recipes from sources who definitely know their kolaches. Each recipe has subtle differences in the ratio of fat to sugar and flour, the desired result being a soft, elastic dough. Each of these recipes is assured to be a success, so try them all and compare…

From the Albuquerque Journal:

A restaurant franchise specializing in sweet and savory stuffed buns is heading to Albuquerque…

Kolache Factory, founded in 1982 in Houston, serves what it calls β€œa modern variation of the pastry roll that originated in Eastern Europe centuries ago.” The menu includes kolaches with a variety of fillings, including a barbecue beef option and a pepperoni-and-mushroom choice. There are also fruit-based varieties...


Kissing Kolaches


Kolache Tower


Kolache Tower Falling Down

DSC00511 (2)

I’ve got cinnamon and sugar inside!


Oh my!

DSC00512 (3)

Ballsy Kolache

(Photos taken yesterday.)

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