9 thoughts on “6 Everyday Things That Can Make You Fail A Drug Test

  1. oh I remember the poppy seeds getting me into trouble lol.. I had forgotten about those fuckers and had a drug screen after a few days. They told my parents that I was a drug addict I was so pissed the fuck off since this was before I was hurt and never took anything not even a damn asprin …
    Fuck the poppy seeds….mother fuckers……

    Wait Tonic Water? like club soda? Ibuprofen, Vitamin B? I have been out of the medical field a long time and I do have a head injury but I do not remember these being on the list????????

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      • Thank you once again lol I try had to hit the dr office and from there the ER for like 10 hours.. been sick for over a month and thought I was better and thinking that each day that I will get better haha did not happen..
        So I push it today to play catch up and fight laying down…SO SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED…
        but I thank you for always the very warm welcome back you do help me out that familiar get your azz a blogging lol..
        YES I know those test are not very accurate at all… I have to have a fight every now and then with pain specialist when I show positive for something I know I do not take first thing I do is lets do another test but that is more money and they do not want that so I tell them send mine out to a different company… I have even called and did some investigating came to find out that there was a very large batch of urine collection for drug screens that were faulty more than just one company ..I mean really this could cause people jobs or lord do not get me started on this lol… It still pisses me the fuck off and it has been at least 4 years.. even asked her to take blood but they do not there…
        I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs bitch if I did drugs I would have told you.. just honest like that..but never had in my life oh wait I have tried weed OMG SHOOT ME… lol I will tell you this I much rather smoke weed and get relief than take god knows what is in all these rx I take….. but oh no… weed is grown from the earth a herb… natural…not all these chemicals ….

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        • aw thank you gurl!!!.. I did get great care for a change lol
          Same here I hate the ER but I was just drifting away fast I mean could not get out of bed and if so just for a very short time then back to bed I went…
          I was in hopes that my DR would have taken care of me but he thought the best route was the ER and let them do all the testing at that hell hole or I should say hell’s waiting room that is the name after all… lol..
          Thank you again for always being here for me I do appreciate it 🙂
          I should name my blog “welcome back by painkills2 😉

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        • Oh yes free the weed … I have seen it help many… from cancer my grandma had both breast and colon and she smoked. My better half it helps him with his CVS also his half sister daughter has brain tumors and they are using the oils and weed…and it has helped all above…

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        • Again I so appreciate and so appreciative of you help and that you have always been so nice to meet and I look forward to our friendship growing hey maybe one day I be sending you chicken money gurl you know if I had it and address I would not a problem at all…
          Love everything that you and the blog represents Love when you post beautiful pictures and toys lol and useful information along with what I really love on a blog about you…
          You are a great gurl, gurl…
          Thank you for such kind words I do love to comment on your blogs lol..
          soft huggggs to you my dear one
          Suzy Q ;p

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