Harder Water

I thought we had hard water in Texas, but New Mexico has created a whole new category. (In fact, our water is famous, having been referenced in the popular Breaking Bad series.) The water not only leaves a residue, it stains everything, from silverware to pots and pans. In other words, it don’t come off, no matter what you do. So, one is forced to pay for treatments like these:


Case in point, my kitchen faucet. Here it is before treatment:


Disgusting, isn’t it? You know, I don’t mind the water stains that much, but if the water leaves residue like this on my faucet, what kind of residue is it leaving in my body?

DSC00124.0 (2)

Picture me standing at the sink, having to hold this stinky bowl of toxic chemicals to my faucet:


Well, it looks a little bit better, no?

DSC00127 (2)

No, actually, it doesn’t:

DSC00137 (2)

DSC00134 (3)

Perhaps there’s nothing in the water that can harm me, but it’s hard to look at this gunk and say I have clean water. If these chemicals can’t remove the gunk, what the hell is in the water?

5 thoughts on “Harder Water

  1. Water hardness or softness is the amount of dissolved minerals in the water. Common deposits are lime (calcium) magnesium and iron. Hard water could have some healthy benefits. But it as you see will cause plumbing issues. It clog’s drain pipes, water pipes eventually loose pressure and it destroys hot water heaters too. Hard water doesn’t help soap work well either.

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