Be careful out there

Mount Sinai doctor to be charged after allegedly performing sex act on drugged patient

NEW YORK – A Mount Sinai doctor turned himself in to the Manhattan Special Victims Division Tuesday after a patient accused him of sexually assaulting her.

David Newman, a prominent doctor and author, is expected to be charged with sex abuse after allegedly incapacitating a patient with pain medicine before performing a lewd act on her.

The 22-year-old alleged victim said she went to the Mount Sinai emergency room last Monday to be treated for pain in her right shoulder, according to police. She said she was placed in a private room where a nurse gave her morphine and an injection for inflammation.

When Dr. Newman arrived, he gave her another dose of morphine, according to the complaint, before examining her shoulder.

While falling in and out of consciousness, she said Newman started examining her shoulder, then moved down and began fondling her breasts as she lay in a morphine-induced haze. After that, she says she heard the sound of masturbation before he allegedly turned around and performed a lewd act on her, according to police sources…

A shot of morphine for shoulder pain? Did Dr. Newman order the first shot given by the nurse? Was he prescribing the morphine for pain or so he could incapacitate her? How many other times has he done this?

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