What to do if you find mold on your mushrooms


The internet says that you shouldn’t eat mushrooms if you find mold on them, unlike cheese and bread, where you can get rid of the moldy part and just eat the good part. The only thing to do is to dispose of the whole carton of mushrooms, then disinfect the parts of the kitchen that came in contact with the mold.

DSC00164 (2)

I try to remember grocery store brands, but Country Fresh Mushroom Co. is a new one for me. According to its website:


With increasing consumer concern about where their food comes from and how it arrives on their plates, food safety has become a critical issue throughout the fresh produce industry. But for Country Fresh, it has always been a top priority.

From MGAP certification of all our growers to Level 3 SQF certification of our packing facility, we integrate rigorous food safety standards into every step of our business. Our customers rest assured knowing that they receive the safest, highest quality mushroom supply available in the industry.

And now the homemade pizza I made yesterday only has onions on it, no mushrooms:


This is the kind of pizza you have to eat with a spoon. Can you see the onions? 🙂

Yes, I sent this company an email with a link to this post, so I’m expecting my refund check any day now. (Don’t hold your breath.) How do you feel after you throw money away?

Reminds me of moldy Walmart potatoes:


8 thoughts on “What to do if you find mold on your mushrooms

  1. I smell mushrooms before I buy them. If they smell like a soiled kitty litter box, I let someone else have them. Maybe I should throw them on the floor and stomp on them to save someone else the frustration. I sniff potatoes before I buy them too. Actually, I smell everything. I sniffed mail delivered to my place of work during the anthrax scare of…whatever year that was. I really need to quit that. Having to throw food away without being able to use it makes me feel like a bully stole my lunch money. You’ve made me so sad for your pizza. *pours one out for the mushies*

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