DSC06014 (3)

If I can’t see it
don’t hear it
can’t touch it
don’t smell it
does the pain
Is my pain


If I’m the only one
who can feel my pain
have I created
my own reality?

DSC09644 (2)

If I scream
and no one can hear me
is my pain
a dream?

DSC09644 (4)

5 thoughts on “Is My Pain A Dream?

    • I know it’s real. The problem is convincing others that chronic pain is real and deserves to be treated — what appears to be an impossible feat.

      If a part of pain is our perception of it, how real is that? Is my reality the same as yours? Whose reality is real? Even if we’re not living in The Matrix, do all of us create our own Matrix?

      Obviously, I have a problem with thinking too much. (And perhaps I watch too many movies.) πŸ™‚


  1. “I think therefore I am.” Descartes proved his existence by the very fact he could contemplate it. The existence of our pain is proven by the fact we experience it and have awareness of it. Whether or not it has a physiological basis is irrelevant to its existence. In a sense everything we experience is real. Every thought, feeling and sensation is real. Even if it is not an accurate reflection of the material world, it is a real thing in itself, just like a kid’s stick figure drawing of his family.

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