BRIDGEWATER [Massachusetts] – Samuel Dunn and his fiancé were in the process of planning their wedding after recently getting engaged. For Dunn, it was a happy time in his life, his father Anthony Dunn said. He was living in a sober house and working hard to reclaim his life after years of battling heroin addiction.

“He had been in the sober house for a while getting drug tested every day. He was in there voluntarily, going to meetings and doing everything he had to do. It got to the point where I was actually pretty proud of him,” Anthony Dunn of Winthrop told The Enterprise Friday.

Samuel Dunn, 29, died early Thursday morning while in the custody of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department at the Bridgewater Correctional Complex…

Earlier this week, Samuel Dunn checked himself into Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport because he was suffering from severe depression and wanted help, Anthony Dunn told The Enterprise.

His depression stems from an incident two years ago, where Samuel Dunn was assaulted during an argument inside a convenience store in Lynn, Anthony Dunn said. “He got jumped. The person that assaulted him stomped on his head while he was on the ground,” he said. “He had emergency brain surgery and another surgery. They took a piece of his skull out and then put it back in later. The glue they used to close the wound got infected and now he was facing another surgery.”

As a result of his condition, Dunn suffered from depression, blackouts, memory loss and seizures. “His whole personality had changed,” Anthony Dunn said.

After getting his most recent prognosis regarding his upcoming surgery, he became severely depressed and was having seizures more frequently, and went with his fiancé to check himself into the hospital. That was where things started to go wrong, Anthony Dunn said.

Samuel Dunn’s fiancé tried to bring him his seizure medication, but was not permitted to do so by hospital staff, Anthony Dunn said. “The hospital called the police and they got a judge on the horn and had him Section 35 and had him shipped off to Bridgewater,” Dunn said.

“A few hours later he was dead. I still don’t know what happened at the hospital and they won’t tell me because I’m not listed as his next of kin. So I’m still trying to find out.”

Section 35 is a court order where a person is committed into a drug or alcohol treatment facility for up to 90 days…


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