WordPress, what have you done now?

You’ve made changes without an explanation. You’ve really messed up my links. Why are you making my life more difficult?

12 thoughts on “WordPress, what have you done now?

  1. Your RSS feed is totally screwed up now. I subscribe to this site through Feedly, and rather than list the site’s name as “All Things Chronic” it names your site whatever the title of your latest post is. Not sure how you can fix this.

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    • I really don’t know what an RSS feed is, except that it works like Facebook. (And I don’t like Facebook.) Sorry you’re having problems, but you’re right, I have no idea how to fix them. I hope you’re not saying goodbye, but if so, I will understand. 🙂


      • Not saying goodbye, just confirming that your site may have a problem now (which appears to have been resolved). RSS allows you to use a single source to subscribe to multiple blogs, and updates whenever a new post is added to the blogs you follow. Kind of hard to describe, but it is really convenient if you subscribe to a lot of blogs or news sites that use RSS.

        Go to https://feedly.com to get an idea; I have no idea what you’ll find on that page because I cannot view it without it redirecting me to my RSS feed. This site gives you an idea of what a feed looks like. Sorry they make it so complicated:


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