Legally addictive drugs we love

This Caffeinated Coffee Flour Will Put Some Buzz In Your Baked Goods

The flour doesn’t taste like coffee, but rather has a “nutty” flavor, according to the patent. Four grams of it the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, Perlman told Eater. An average muffin has about 37 grams of flour, so you’d definitely feel the jolt if you use this in your baking…

2 thoughts on “Legally addictive drugs we love

  1. Coffee flour? Sounds fabulous to me as it will totally counteract that carboydrate low you get after eating lunch, which for me always involves bread. I don’t think coffee is addictive as I’ve been addicted to drugs, alcohol, bulimia, shopping and OCD but never to coffee! In fact I stopped drinking it altogether when I was taking cocaine 22 hours a day…

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