Ask for lidocaine

I don’t know if doctors are getting stingy with the lidocaine or what, but if you’re having a painful procedure, don’t forget to ask for it.

Digging for Gold

Rather than going through the process of shooting me up with Lidocaine and slicing down deeper and purging out more junk, the surgeon took the stick end of a swab and used that to dig around in my wound – think of it as a meat tenderizer, he just kinda made hamburger out of my flesh – without any topical numbing whatsoever. I broke out in a sweat and I had tears rolling down my face. I knew I had to lay still but I was also fighting to get away from him and just make the PAIN STOP…

Be Wary of Deadly Mistakes in Health Care

“I can list dozens of errors in my own care. I am extremely active and have no diabetic complications after five decades, yet the primary care providers cannot see past ‘check the toes’ and ‘check the A1c.’

“I came in with a breast lump one time and the doctor was so preoccupied with checking my toes and rushing out the door that I had to call her back to check the lump, which was why I’d made the appointment. Once she realized I had a lump, she ordered a mammogram and ultrasound to help identify the lesion.

“Since I am a male, I think they wanted to dismiss it as nonsense. Fortunately for me, it turned out to be an abscess, but I had to assert myself to get any attention. Even so, the surgeon took the biopsy specimen from my nipple without using any lidocaine [local anesthetic]. What is wrong with these people?

13 thoughts on “Ask for lidocaine

  1. Why is there a huge white space between the last link and the text? I dunno. In my edit box, all I see is a link, not the extra space. But I noticed that WordPress has made some more changes, and now the edit box takes up my whole screen. Anyone know how to get rid of all that freaking white space?


    • I would prefer that my links include the whole website address, so you can instantly see where the link is coming from. But now they show up with just the name of the post…


  2. Just to clarify, this wasn’t a case of me forgetting to ask for pain relief. The doc was already running 20 minutes behind, and his thought process was that he would run even more behind if we shot up the wound and then waited 5-10 minutes for it to go into effect. He also thought that it “wouldn’t be that bad” without it – but then, that was before he stuck the stick in my ass.

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    • The doctor knew it would cause additional pain, just not enough to justify the lidocaine? Sounds more like he was justifying his abusive treatment of you to himself, and to you, saying that the additional pain wouldn’t be that bad.


  3. What’s the one thing we all feel cheated on as patients? Time. What was he running behind in? Time. His thinking was that he could accomplish what he needed to without having to go through the process of shooting me up. Of course he did, it just ended up being super, super painful.

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  4. if your dentist doesn’t give you a lidocaine swab to suck on over the place of the numbing injection site, then don’t go any further with this dentist. you can ask for the lidocaine stick, but chances are that if they didn’t automatically do it, they will resist doing it when you ask.

    this is due to some nonesense study showing that people with ‘more drugs on board’ have worse clinical outcomes, and can of course, sometimes, become addicts to the pain med lidocaine, in addition to any opiates they may feel obligated to prescribe for after care. good luck with that lidocaine/opiate issue. especially if they feel so strongly you don’t need pain relief to begin with, much less during and after.

    i have recently had just this exact trouble with a dentist, and the bigger issue is, you can’t complain to the insurance or to the state board of medicine or state board of dentistry because they all have verbiage including the measure to approach any work with out using pain meds, which people only think they need. So if you complain about a dentist not using pain meds appropriately (when they would be useful and necessary) and say he refused to use them at all, you are actually congratulating him to his insurance pools, to his dental boards, etc. and your report will fall on deaf ears, although they pretend listening really quite well.

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    • Lidocaine is different than other pain medications — the effect doesn’t last very long. That’s why dentists (and surgeons) use it. And there’s no “high” from lidocaine, at least that I’m aware of. It’s not really a pain medication, it’s a numbing agent.

      I’ve done a lot of reading about different drug addictions and this is the first time I’ve heard it suggested that lidocaine can be addicting. Even when used in combination with opioids, like with lidocaine patches. And as far as I know, lidocaine doesn’t cause breathing problems, like high doses of opioids can. The effects of lidocaine are very uncomfortable, so why would anyone become addicted to it?

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  5. all this sounds terrifying to have gone thru….sending good vibes…
    I’ve about had it with just about ALL my fucking Dr.’s so pissed off and it is not just one of them… it is all of them!!!!!!..
    I know that they have many changes to the health care but I believe I come first before my care and treatment but once again I and my health come last…I know they do not care about US patients any longer it is all about the money and if you have the best insurance…
    I’m glad that I got out of the health field when I did (even tho I ended up disabled ) I know that I could not stand how the system works these days ( I would not last long seeing all the injustice and lack of care)
    I thought about blogging about what has been going on with me and how i feel about the treatments or lack thereof… and now i see thanks to your blog more people speaking out and damn it if we have to then maybe we should question the Dr ??!!!…. or run and run fast..
    hang in there sunshine… great to see you 🙂 again lol

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    • I’m not sure why a doctor would tell you to use it sparingly. I used lidocaine patches for many years, and while they didn’t penetrate deep enough to help my pain, I didn’t become tolerant to the medication or suffer from side effects when I didn’t use them. If you get a chance to ask your doctor about this, I would be interested in his/her answers.


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