Hi, my name is Cinnamon, and I’d like to be chosen for America’s Next Top Model. I’m sweet, soft, and kind, and I smell heavenly.

01DSC00010 (2)

This is my best side:


Another view of my best side:


Some would argue that this is actually my best side:


My close up:

05DSC00011 (2)

Here I am, shooting the bird against the drug war:


But I have a softer side… Β Here, I’m pretending to be a butterfly:

DSC00004 (2)

And here, a side view of a butterfly that just landed on a blue flower:


I hope you will consider me for America’s Next Top Model, as I believe I can bring a lot of diversity to the show. Here’s one last look:


And for all my followers and fans, here’s a second last look:


Thanks for viewing. πŸ™‚


(Photos taken yesterday.)

11 thoughts on “Cinnamon Applies For America’s Next Top Model

    • I learned to stop licking my monitor when I was about 2 years old. (Just kidding, computer monitors didn’t exist when I was 2 years old.) πŸ™‚

      My advice to you would be to go to your pantry, find the cinnamon, and take a big whiff. (However, don’t ever snort cinnamon, as it’s disgusting and stupid.) πŸ˜€

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