“When you can’t get up, find something fascinating on the ground.” Me 🙂

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18DSC08993 (4)


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20DSC08197 (3)



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25DSC08798 (3)

26DSC08794 (3)

DSC07572 (3)

DSC07572 (4)

DSC08416 (4)

I can’t say this enough:  Thanks for viewing. 🙂

Are you bored
with lying on the floor?
Does your neck hurt
with the effort to avert?
Tired of viewing
only the dirt?
Time to look up…
Time for dessert!

I made this cinnamon bread the other day (I, of course, added icing). Unfortunately, I don’t have the words to describe how awesome it is. Even worse, I don’t have any photos, because the bread didn’t hang around long enough to be photographed. (And the blogger at the link has turned off my ability to copy a photo and post it here. Whatever.)

Warning:  This recipe makes five loaves of soft and delicious cinnamon bread, so you have to use fractions if you want to make less. But, I can attest that this bread freezes beautifully.

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