Shame on the Huffington Post

My comment:

Let’s start with the fact that 4.2 million people is less than 1.5% of the population.

“This increase in prescriptions has not corresponded to any improvement in pain control or disability outcomes. What it has clearly corresponded to is the deadly march of heroin across America.”

Pain medications are not a cure, and since many pain patients are still able to work, I would think that would qualify as improvement. The reason there is a connection between opioids and heroin is because of the opioid war. Restrict access to drugs that decrease pain and there will be plenty of people who find illegal substitutes.

And what the hell do you know about pain management, pain control, or disability outcomes? You work as a psychiatrist in Pennsylvania. And what do you know about addiction? Because if you think certain drugs are responsible for addiction, then you’re living in the 1980s.

“In any case, the 25.3 million Americans who struggle with intractable chronic pain…”

From the NIH analysis: “Nearly 40 million adults (17.6 percent) experience severe levels of pain.” Did you forget about them?

“Chronic pain may arise from unavoidable injuries or illnesses in some cases but in most it is a culmination of obesity, lack of exercise and not putting in the hard work necessary to deal with acute pain and injury.”

Maybe the views of the writer of this article have something to do with the fact that he’s from Pakistan. Say, are women allowed to vote in your country yet?

From 2013: “Fears over the safety of women voting in next week’s elections in Pakistan are rising after letters have been circulated in regions of the country warning men not to allow their wives, sisters and daughters out to the polling stations. In an increasingly fraught and violent runup to the 11 May vote, leaflets are appearing stating that it is ‘un-Islamic’ for women to participate in democracy.”

I am disgusted with the Huffington Post for allowing so many ignorant articles to be posted about the opioid war. Shame on all of you.

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