CDC sets its policy goals for 2016

My comment:

It’s hard to comprehend the CDC’s use of statistics. For instance, you’ve reported here that: “The CDC said as many as 23,000 Americans died from these largely preventable infections in 2015.”

Yet, in 2007, the CDC said:  “We estimate that 1.7 million HAIs occurred in U.S. hospitals in 2002 and were associated with approximately 99,000 deaths.”

And currently, the CDC says:  “About 75,000 hospital patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations.”

Media bias, no fact-checking, just spread the CDC’s message. Is this what reporting has come to?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the CDC isn’t concerned about the increase in suicide rates. After all, more people die from suicide than from opioids. I guess there’s a lot more government support and funding for the opioid war, as opposed to the treatment of chronic pain or the prevention of suicide. That’s not only sad, it’s shameful and pathetic. And downright depressing.

Government agencies keep making it harder and harder for pain patients, along with anyone needing treatment for any level of pain — leaving millions of people suffering without hope. I suppose some people believe that in 5 or 10 years, the results of the opioid war will be mostly positive. Stopping thousands of people from the potential of addiction, while tens of millions of people suffer with unrelieved and untreated pain. Gee, what could go wrong?

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