15 thoughts on “Long Ass Red Lights

      • not sure if that feels safe, even here. many here still anti hospitalization etc. now i have a roommate, and i have never really had one except family before. so, learning curve ahead.

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        • Dude, you got a roommate! I guess that can be both good and bad, but it will definitely be a learning experience. With permission, maybe you could do some posts about that issue? I suppose all of us old folks will be forced to live with a roommate at some time in the future… you could teach us how to do it. 🙂

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        • its the devil in the little things…like i thought it would be ok to leave my bulk of meds in the extra cabinet in the private bath (not my bath) bc i have so many…but then i had to wake her up to get into them. or storing household things in her room when i don’t want to be in there when she is out–make her feel creeped out or something, no privacy. so spent day taking all my huge amount of shit back to my little room trying to make it all fit. and whose jelly was that anyway…? and how do you split a pot of coffee or a bag of it? anyway, its keeping me from being homeless, and she’s really great and nice (and upset about ex upstairs) but she didn’t want me to know that, so i don’t. but i wish i could help but then she’d know i knew without supposed to be knowing, y’know?

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        • It takes time to build trust, especially about things that we fear. But, day by day, she will see what a great person you are, and you can be there to help her, if needed. 🙂

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