Is Pain An Illusion?

I can do this
Determination can crush
But do I have what it takes?
Do I have enough?

It’s all about the effort
(So much freaking effort)
Hundreds of huffs and puffs
Do I, will I, have enough?

The pain begins to increase
Throbbing like a drum beat
Invading my head, then repeat
And the pain increases…

Painful areas
begin to burn and shake
My brain says continue
My body to forsake

Who will win?
My brain or my body?

Who do I want to lose?
Which does the pain choose?

Was someone stupid enough
to suggest that I adjust
calling pain an illusion
just a bit of stardust?

I call this
my reality
I call this
doin’ the laundry


I washed my shower curtain today (thank you very much, bud). It now smells like Gain laundry detergent.

My brain won this round
shoulders still burning
I be dreamin’ bout
chocolate-covered Vicodin


4 thoughts on “Is Pain An Illusion?

    • You might be surprised to learn that I’ve thought about this question. And if I had a choice, I’d want my Vicodin served plain, please. I find it hard to believe that the chocolate covering a pill would be good enough to savor. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about such things… 🙂

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