The Curse of Thinking Too Much

“I think I think too much.” Crackerman, Stone Temple Pilots

I’ve often thought that I think too much, but as I sit here thinking about thinking too much, I have to wonder — how often are we supposed to think? Aren’t we always thinking? Aren’t our brains always working? Even when we sleep?

Just thinking about thinking is… (heavy sigh)… exhausting. 🙂

I had to drag my ass down to the DMV today to get my license tags renewed. When I lived in Texas, you had to renew your license tags (through the mail), but you also had to get your car inspected (which included an emissions test). In New Mexico, I had to pay about $26 for an emissions test, plus $60 at the DMV for the license tags. (It would have been $110 for two years… not much of a savings.) The trip took a couple of hours, but since I thought it would take longer (and since Bud was waiting for me at home), the experience wasn’t too bad.

It’s a cloudy day:

DSC09862 (2)

Not good for taking pictures when you’re stuck at long red lights. But as I was driving around, my boredom caused me to start checking out other cars to see if their license tags were up to date.

DSC09865 (2)

You can’t even see the tag on this Benz. But really, it’s hard to see the tags at all — they’re too small. I was wondering if the police in Albuquerque had a habit of giving tickets for expired tags, so I asked the guy at Jiffy Lube, who said, not so much.

I asked the lady at the DMV why I didn’t get a notice in the mail about the expiration of my tags, and she told me that they used to send out “courtesy notices,” but not anymore. Good to know.

DSC09864 (5)

This Ford has an expired temporary plate from Colorado, but I was curious about the meaning of this:

DSC09864 (3)

What was built without our tax dollars? The car? The Ford dealership? Considering the tax benefits that corporations get from cities and states, it’s hard to say anything is built without tax dollars. Today, I paid about $90 in taxes (I mean, fees, which is the same thing).

Then I spotted this sign:

DSC09863 (2)

DSC09863 (4)

I guess this is how they do public announcements in Albuquerque, but I haven’t noticed this sign before, and since it’s out of date anyway, what’s it still doing there?

During one of the long red lights coming home, I spotted some graffiti:

DSC09866 (2)

What do you think this dude is trying to say? I was here? Yeah, dude, we’re all here — is that all you have to say? Freaking kids, get off my lawn!

And this is what happens when you think too much. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Thinking Too Much

  1. Writing about thinking: In my younger days I was very much intrigued by Gurdijeff and Ouspensky. Check them out, they are teaching how to actually stop thinking. From my point of view nowadays, this couple is a rather obscure religious sect. But as so often in our life: Pull out the useful things from which one’s life can benefit and throw away the “Dogma” stuff.

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    • “If you want to lose your faith, make friends with a priest.” George Gurdjieff

      Well, I agree with that. But I’m gonna have to disagree with this one:

      “A man will renounce any pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering.” George Gurdjieff

      “The pursuit of pleasure is all about running away from suffering.” Me 🙂

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