Escape From The Creepy Snow Cloud

In the early afternoon, on the day before Christmas Eve, I drove my neighbor to the train terminal. I’ve never ridden the train before, so she was filling me in on the experience. Did you know there wasn’t any heat on the train? How weird is that?


Apparently, there’s a lower deck on the train for the disabled, and if you want a drink or snack, you have to go up the stairs to fetch it. I asked about the bathrooms… and then I stopped asking questions. 🙂


When we left for the train station, I took a picture of this very creepy-looking snow cloud. Reminded me of somebody floating in the water…


Here we are at one of Albuquerque’s infamously-long red lights (which just turned green, I swear). And the cloud appears to be following us…


This is what traffic looks like in the Q:


More traffic (same cloud, definitely following me)…


Even more traffic (shout out to Delancey Street Movers):

DSC09376 (2)

Traffic is so boring (can I escape from the creepy cloud?)…


We finally arrive at the train station (almost free of the creepy cloud)…


Here I am going home, behind a bus that’s flashing a sign that says “Happy Holidays!” Rather distracting, if you ask me…


Yes, I’ve finally escaped the creepy cloud (and I usually don’t take pictures while I’m driving)…

DSC09385 (2)

When I arrive home, I see that the cloud has returned to its own home, my mountain:

DSC09420 (2)

And that’s how I escaped the creepy snow cloud 🙂

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