New Year’s Day in the Q began covered by one huge cloud, but it’s now beginning to clear up, and I see a few balloons flying in the background of my awesome mountain. I’m listening to Lady Gaga… I’ve got black beans and rice on the stove and tortillas warming in the oven… In other words, Bud and I are having a good day. 🙂

01DSC09703.0 (2)




05DSC09752 (3)

06DSC09757.0 (2)

07DSC09757 (2)

08DSC09759 (2)

09DSC09758 (2)

11DSC09773 (2)


13DSC09772 (2)

14DSC09775 (3)

DSC09760 (3)

(Photos taken on New Year’s Eve.)

9 thoughts on “In The Background #2

  1. wonderful pictures sunshine….. and um yeah i will be over in just a few for beans and rice and all that hehe… we are doing the same thing cooking black eyed peas for good luck…. yeah a late start for dinner but it has been a rough day and the guys had to get to the store since i forgot to put the beans and corn bread on the Christmas list lol… believe me we do not need any more bad luck so we will do what ever we can to get some luck this way…
    I always wish you the best of luck in 2016 you sexy bitch you lol…

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    • Since I don’t believe in luck, the only reason I eat beans is for the taste. And black-eyed peas? No thank you. You’d have to fry those peas in a layer of bacon fat before I would eat them. Speaking of bacon:

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      • omg… bacon , bacon… that baby was priceless… yummy bacon…
        but back on the black eyed peas some put bacon in it or ham hock very tasty ..
        damn now i need some kind of food….bacon had that the other day…could always have it…
        also we keep our bacon fat in a container its for bacon grease and i love to scoop it out and put the fat in green beans things like that….

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