Not looking forward to the Cosby trial

Are you prepared for next year, when Bill Cosby will be put on trial? Are you prepared for Cosby News 24/7? I suppose it will be just like these famous trials:

Well, this is our justice system — a day late and a dollar short (an obvious understatement). I know Mr. Cosby is innocent until proven guilty, but I’m inclined to believe the gazillion women who were brave enough to come forward.

To the victims who suffer from PTSD, depression, or addiction because of Mr. Cosby, I am thinking about you. (Try bud, it works great.)

Do you think white supremacy groups will gather in front of the courthouse? I’m very sad for the black community, but just keep in mind that more white men are on that top 20 list of famous trials than black or Latino.

Mr. Cosby and his family have had a wonderful life. I suppose the public never really knew him. (Makes me wonder if I’m wrong about what a great guy Bradley Cooper is.) At 78, I don’t know if Mr. Cosby is still raping women or if he’s a danger to the public, but for all those victims, this is what justice looks like.

Kinda sucks, huh?

Now, I look back at all the people who must have known about Mr. Cosby and yet did nothing. Reminds me of the stories of college rape, where bystanders think it’s okay to also do nothing. I don’t know if that’s how rich people live or what, but that’s just screwed up.

Mrs. Cosby is standing by her man — so far. I suppose there will be comparisons to the Clintons, and how there are many women who think Mrs. Clinton was a fool for sticking around. Seems to me that the Clintons had an arrangement; which, in my mind, is their private business. I wonder, did the Cosbys have a similar arrangement? She keeps quiet and enjoys the status and privilege, turning her back on her husband’s criminal activities. (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.)

Well, for me, the trial is just a formality (and a media money maker). I don’t really want to learn any more about how these kind of people live — I’ll never run into anyone like them. But it makes me feel very sad for all the women in Hollywood (and in the music industry), knowing what they have to put up with to follow their dreams.

One thought on “Not looking forward to the Cosby trial

  1. I will be doing my best ostrich impression during this media circus of a trial, as I do with all such things. My feelings about this are many and complex, and likely not very coherent. Overall I feel a great sadness… for the women if it’s true. For his family. For the man I thought he was, and for parts of our collective memories that will forever be tarnished, whether he’s guilty or innocent. Whew. Deep thoughts. I need to go do something irreverent now.

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