Who likes Valentine’s Day? In December?

Talk about drug pushers — candy makers not only get one side of an aisle all to themselves for holiday candy at Walmart:

DSC09626 (2)

There’s also another whole aisle of everyday candy. But sugar is a legal drug and doesn’t kill anyone… immediately. (Kinda like chronic pain.)

DSC09627 (2)

Chocolate:  An effective treatment for chronic pain. Unfortunately, the effect only lasts for a very short time — maybe a few seconds (or minutes, if you’re lucky).

(Photos taken 12/28/2015.)

17 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Caaaaaaaandyuuuugh. I wait until after halloween, christmas, v-day, and easter, then buy the stuff on sale. I die surrounded by chocolate over and over again. It’s wonderful (if not a little sad). I still haven’t seen the half pound peanut butter cups yet, but when I do, expect me to disappear for a while.

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    • I’m picturing you taking a dive into a bathtub full of chocolate peanut butter cups… Well, of course you would disappear, you’re such a tiny little thing. In fact, you might even drown… Death by chocolate, what a way to go. 🙂

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