The Incredible Story Of Marilyn Monroe’s Perseverance

Marilyn never knew her father. Her mother, Gladys, struggled with poor mental health, and was institutionalized before Marilyn (then known as Norma Jeane Baker) reached the age of 10.

Marilyn was first placed in the care of Wayne and Ida Bolender, who, according to Marilyn, were incredibly religious, to the point of approaching zealousness. As young Norma Jeane, she had to attend church multiple times a week, promise to never drink or swear, and was told repeatedly that she was going to Hell.

But these were not the only caretakers Marilyn Monroe had. She lived primarily in an orphanage, and had 11 sets of foster parents throughout her lifetime…

Life in foster care was bleak. She was often mistreated, and not cared for properly. In 1937, she was rescued by Grace McKee Goddard, when she took Marilyn out of foster care to live with her and Doc Goddard. Everything looked like it was going to be a lot better…

But eventually, Marilyn’s new family decided to move. Marilyn was devastated. This meant she would have to go back into foster care. However, with the help of Grace, Marilyn made a plan. To get married. If she could tie the knot by 16, she could escape foster care forever. And that’s exactly what she did.

In December 1941, Grace asked Jim to escort Norma Jeane to a company Christmas dance. By March, they were going steady, by May they were engaged. In June, less than three weeks after her Birthday, Norma Jeane Baker became Mrs James Dougherty.

She later followed her new husband to the South Pacific, and began working at an aircraft plant, and was discovered shortly after by photographer David Conover, who had been sent by the U.S. Army Air Forces’ First Motion Picture Unit to shoot morale-boosting pictures of female workers…

People admired her not only for being a sex symbol, but also for her genuine and honest characteristics. Due to not being fed with a silver spoon, she was able to capture the hearts of many who could feel her vulnerable but humane energy. She humbly stated “Nothing’s ever easy as long as you go on living.” …

But despite the glamorous photo spreads and sexual icon status, she spent much of her life in chronic pain due to endometriosis , suffering miscarriages , reportedly having at least one ectopic pregnancy and becoming addicted to pain killers. There was even one story that before going into one of her surgeries related to her infertility issues, she taped a note to her stomach, pleading with doctors not to take her female parts.

A few years ago, the Endometriosis Association was even bold enough to suggest that Marilyn’s infertility may have indirectly contributed to her death: “Marilyn Monroe was a victim of endometriosis, putting her in the hospital repeatedly, contributing to her use of pain-deadening narcotics and aggravating her psychological problems.” …

(2008) Recognising, understanding and managing endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic recurring disease that is often left undiagnosed. A high level of suspicion is required in women who present with pelvic pain.

‘One of the most famous sufferers from endometriosis was Marilyn Monroe. The condition was so severe that it destroyed her marriages, her wish for children, her career and ultimately her life. In days before effective conservative surgery or effective medical therapies, it led to progressively increasing use of strong analgesics, tranquilisers and hypnotics – and drug dependency.’ …

9 thoughts on “The Incredible Story Of Marilyn Monroe’s Perseverance

  1. “In days before effective conservative surgery or effective medical therapies…”

    …dey had to take teh evil demon drugs dat killed people by teh millions.

    As if we have “effective” “conservative” surgeries or medical therapies for this disorder today. Nothing that a scalpel and some cognitive behavioral therapy won’t cure.

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      • The OB just told me to get on birth control and that made me sick so I stopped. The doctor would just give me Vicodin but it’s not so easy to get anymore. I used to take it like candy. The doctor checks me every few months by doing an ultrasound because I had cysts in the past. They had to take a cyst out because it was the size of a tennis ball. They also took out one of my ovaries. That’s why I now have a hard time getting pregnant again. I might have to get IVF. I’m getting all the tests done but I have to wait until January. They’re going to check my tubes, do blood work.

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