Spotlight on sexual abuse in the Catholic church

Spotlight is a movie about the pedophile scandal in the Catholic church and the reporters at The Boston Globe who covered it in 2002. It’s obviously a horror story, but it’s also a story about the media and what it takes to cover a story like this.

Are there any reporters like this left in the media? I think not. If there were, the tragic stories of pain patients would be front-page news. Instead, all of the stories coming out of Massachusetts, including from The Boston Globe, are about heroin and drug addiction.

I think it’s important to point out that many of the Catholic church’s victims suffer from depression and addiction.

At the end of the movie, there’s a list of all the places where major abuse scandals have also been uncovered, including Santa Fe and Gallup, New Mexico. I think the saddest part of the whole movie is the end result: In Boston, where there were 249 publicly accused priests and an estimated 1,000 victims, the Cardinal in charge of the Boston Archdiocese resigned and was reassigned to one of the highest ranking Roman Catholic churches in the world — in Rome.

(12/22/2015) Religion has been causing conflicts for more than 2,000 years

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on sexual abuse in the Catholic church

  1. The media is not nor has it ever been interested in truth. They exposed the sexual abuse in the Catholic church while completely ignoring to this day similar abuses in other religions and in secular schools and homes for children…just like they ignore the hundreds of thousands of people who die of medical errors and adverse effects of medical treatment while endlessly promoting the manufactured “opioid epidemic” hysteria. Not that the church wasn’t guilty of a cover-up—two of my cousins were raped by priests in Ireland—but they were not alone in their crimes by any stretch of the imagination.

    When Sinéad Ó Connor appeared on Saturday Night Live and ripped up a photo of the Pope declaring him to be the enemy, she was savaged in the mass media. The sex abuse scandal was well known in Ireland but not the US at this time and was the basis of her protest, but no one bothered to report why she did it.

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