How cool are these photos? 🙂

It’s been snowing since around noon here in the Q, and we’re looking to get up to 3 inches in the city. I keep hearing sirens outside; there’s highway closures and lots of accidents; and I’m like, stay home people! (Unless you need Claritin-D.)

14 thoughts on “Ice Sculptures

  1. It was 65 degrees on Christmas where I live in New Yawk. Still no snow though we might get an ice storm next week. To think I was gonna move to the Southwest for the warm weather 🙂

    If you live anywhere they are not used to snow, don’t drive when it’s snowing. People in the South have no idea how to drive in snow, When I was in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg, NC we got a half inch of snow and it completely paralyzed the base. The speed limit on the main road near the barracks was just 15 mph but there were cars and trucks abandoned on the side of the road everywhere…all with southern plates. I told the southerners that if you boys can’t handle a half-inch of snow, no wonder you lost the Civil War 🙂

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