A lot of things can be bought with $20: five Big Macs, seven tall lattes from Starbucks, a lamp from Ikea and, as of this week, authentic autumn leaves from New England. Ship Foliage, which launched on Tuesday, delivers preserved leaves right to customer’s doors, but only three. And shipping is not included…

The leaves are gathered by “foliage experts”, according to the website. But Waring says it’s him, his wife, and a few friends that do the leaf picking. The selection process is quite particular and Waring claims they only choose “perfect Grade A leaves”…



DSC08524 (2)

DSC08518 (2)

DSC08523 (2)

DSC08623 (2)

DSC08630 (4)

DSC08598 (3)

(Photos taken 12/13/2015.)

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