Totally Not Drunk New Mexico Governor Chastises Cops For Breaking Up Her Hotel Party

Three audio recordings obtained by several local media outlets feature staff at the El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, calling police in the early hours of Dec. 13 to ask them to kick noisy people off the hotel premises after complaints from other hotel guests.

“We have guests that have been partying in their room,” Shelly Garcia at the El Dorado front desk told the Santa Fe police dispatcher. “They’ve been warned already and they are still not quieting down.”

Garcia told police that the rowdy guests had been throwing bottles off their hotel room balcony…

A slurry-sounding Martinez can be heard on the second recording repeatedly pestering Garcia to tell her who had complained — or at least say what room they were in… Martinez then gets on the phone with the police dispatcher, who also refuses to identify the people who complained.

The third, and funniest recording, has Martinez speaking to an officer on the phone, incredulous that cops had been sent to the hotel. It’s unclear at that point whether she is back in her room.

“So we’re sitting in there, I’m the governor of the state of New Mexico, and we’re in there with my sister, who’s disabled, along with about six other people who are having pizza,” Martinez said.

Told by the cop that there were reports of partying guests throwing bottles off the balcony, Martinez gave this creative denial:

“I’m sorry. There’s no one on the balcony and there’s no one throwing bottles off the balcony,” she said. “And if there were, it was about six hours ago.”

The dispatcher tells the governor that there’s been a noise complaint.

“Loud noise?” the governor asks. “We’re in a room eating pizza.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Someone called us out there and we have to go,” the dispatcher replies.

“Someone? Who is someone?” the governor demands.

For numerous public safety reasons, police dispatchers do not immediately give out information about people making complaints to the subject of the complaint.

“Why can you not?” the governor responds. “It’s public record. Give it to me.”

As the dispatcher tells the governor he would like to transfer her to a supervisor, Martinez turns her attention to the front desk attendant: “Has there been another resident who’s been making complaints?”

The governor asks for the room number of the hotel guest who has been complaining. The front desk attendant tells the governor she can’t give out the information, but Martinez continues to press.

“Tell me. What room number? So that… Are they on the fourth floor? … Next door? To our room?”

“They’re in that area, yes,” the attendant replies.

“That area? Are they next door?” the governor continues, “And I wanna know who they are.”

Like the dispatcher, the attendant won’t give up the information about the person complaining about the noise…

Before conducting interviews, the Governor’s Office issued a statement Friday afternoon. It incorrectly says that the governor was called by police as they inquired about the complaint. In fact, hotel staff placed the call and handed the phone to the governor at her request. News 13 asked Sanchez, the governor’s spokesman, about the error and will update this if he responds.

Here is the statement in its entirety:

“Unbeknownst to the Governor, there had been complaints about noise and someone throwing what turned out to be snowballs from the balcony of that room earlier in the night while the governor was in the ballroom…”

Under comments:

chethardy • 5 hours ago
Ladies and Gentlemen: The president-elect of the Republican Governors Association.

I for one, am glad she was drinking. I’d hate to think she was sober when she said all that.

PS. Some days I think the Albuquerque evening news should be syndicated and turned into a reality TV show. Did you see the following story? “….and in other news the Secretary of State went to prison today.”

Oswald Cobblepott • 8 hours ago
A quote from the governor in an interview with another prime numbered news channel “I had one cocktail and that happened around uh the very late”

Red_Painter • 10 hours ago
We threw the bottles 6 hours ago.
You didn’t catch us.
What a lowlife. This woman should be cleaning public toilets in the bus station.

Dianne Bock • 8 hours ago
Why the insistence on finding out who lodged the complaint? If it was a guest at the hotel, there is a large chance that they couldn’t give a rat’s behind about Her Highness and the peet-zhaa party that *we* threw for her and her esteemed staff.

What was she going to do – try to ugly them to death?

(BTW Ms. Martinez, this is Dianne Bock. B-O-C-K. Come and get me.)

FHRITP • 8 hours ago
I was the one who complained. I was in the room below. I heard what sounded like Christians having guilty sex, cocaine use, you name it!




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