They’re gonna drill an oil well in my backyard

Sandoval County residents packed the atrium of the county administrative building in Bernalillo Thursday to weigh in on a proposed zone change for an exploratory oil well west of the city of Rio Rancho, most them calling for the project to be rejected…

Rio Rancho resident JoAnne Gomez said her Oklahoma family tells her about the frequent nature of earthquakes in that area, citing fracking as a likely cause.

Alex Renirie, one of the youngest to speak during the meeting, said a new oil well would go against recent calls from President Barack Obama to move away from traditional energy resources.

“I know we’re considering this issue from a land perspective but, as a young person, I have to talk about the climate,” she said. “Recently, Obama acknowledged that, in order to avoid devastating impacts, we need to avoid digging fossil fuels in the ground.”

Matthew Spangler, a representative of Outer Rim Investments, a AMREP Southwest subsidiary that owns the proposed drill site, said residents should consider the economic opportunities…

Well, not exactly in my backyard, but pretty close. What’s not mentioned in the article is the current, very low price of oil. I have to wonder why any oil company would want to start drilling right now, especially when so many other drilling sites have been shut down.

2 thoughts on “They’re gonna drill an oil well in my backyard

  1. On a very light note – if you hear of any jobs for geologists let us know…:) Seriously, it was ludicrous greed that caused all this excessive drilling in the first place. It has damaged not only beautiful areas but the oil industry and it’s fragile reputation.

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