When will the drug war come for you?


“We’ve seen how the public health crisis of prescription drug abuse is taking a toll on families and communities in Indiana and this survey shows that it has infiltrated our workplaces, just as it has with so many other facets of our society,” said Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller. “Beyond the loss of productivity, prescription abuse can cause impairment, injury and may lead employees to bad choices such as theft or embezzlement from the employer.” …

My comment:

Telling employers that pain patients are potential criminals is probably not as bad as telling doctors that we’re potential drug addicts. Should we also tell employers that it’s their white employees who are the most likely to abuse prescription drugs? Maybe minorities will get a boost in employment opportunties, all thanks to the opioid war, which would be the height of irony.

One of these days, the media will connect the dots between the opioid war and the increased suicide rate. You could start by looking up the suicide statistics for every state that reports a problem with opioid abuse and including that information in your article. What you will find is that at least twice as many people die from suicide in these states than from a drug overdose. You will also find pain patients struggling to find health care after the DEA shut down doctors, clinics, and pharmacies. You will find thousands of patients abandoned by their doctors (and everyone else).

First, the drug war came for minorities and drug addicts. Then, it came for pain patients and their doctors. Now, it’s looking at seniors, children, and those on worker’s comp and Medicaid/Medicare. First, the drug war targeted illegal drugs, then opioids, and now benzodiazapines and stimulants. When will the drug war come for you?

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