Will Trump be banned from Britain?


The British Parliament will now debate whether to ban Donald Trump from entering the country after a petition to keep him out rapidly gained over almost 200,000 signatures Wednesday. The British Parliament debates petitions once they surpass 100,000 signatures. “The U.K. has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech,” the petition’s description says…

Under comments:

Lars Carlson · Albuquerque, New Mexico
To: the rest of the world; From: The United States; sorry. We don’t know what to do about this asshole either.


Chris Herbert, a former British soldier who lost his leg in Iraq, says that people often assume he hates Muslims because of his injury. But after Donald Trump called for ”a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US” this week, Herbert decided to set the record straight with an inspirational Facebook post…

Let’s compare a petition with 200,000 signatures (in a day) to the very old one for pain patients to Congress:


8,278 People Have Sent 20,249 Letters and Emails

6 thoughts on “Will Trump be banned from Britain?

  1. I got an email from my good friend who lives in the Midlands asking what in the hell was going on over here. I don’t have a good answer simply because I don’t support Trump and his bigoted, racist, sexist and elitist ideology. I hate that he’s getting international press.

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  2. I wish he was banned from the United States! How can someone like that run this country? It’s pretty bad right now but it would be a lot worse with him in office. I bet my boss likes him Lol.

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