WASHINGTON — The cold, stony visage of Dick Cheney will now forever greet visitors to the U.S. Capitol… Cheney left office in 2009 with a 13 percent approval rating. According to Roll Call, the bust will cost approximately $50,000…

Under comments:

Phil Mcginn
they better incase it in glass so it’s easier to clean after people spit on it.

Alice Schmid
How much do you want to bet they will have to have armed guards to keep the grafiti artists away!!!!

Juliet Richardson
i hope someone knocks into it by accident or permenantly defaces it.

i love how we are now enshrining war criminals.

I don’t use Facebook very often, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have a spell check option? (That’s right, I took the time to highlight the misspelled words. You know why? Because if I’m not sure about the spelling of a word, I freaking look it up. If I have to do that, then everyone else should have to do that, too.)

If you work at Urban Dictionary, please change the definition of “creepy” to a photo of Dick Cheney’s bust. 🙂

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