“I have lost all respect for my family doctor and the entire medical system”


(November 20, 2015) Marian S. from Albuquerque, NM writes:
… I was referred to a pain clinic, but they refuse to return my calls when I tell them I am 80 years old and suffer constant spinal pain. I don’t know what to do next.

(5 hours ago) Someone from Salem, OR writes:
After 10 years I was recently told my pain contract was ending even though I had done absolutely nothing wrong. I have multiple sclerosis. Fibromyalgia. Brachial nerve palsy. Double failed the spinal fusion with instrumentation and screws Diabetic neuropathy. Diverticulitis. Chronic obstructive lung disease. Are used to have a good quality of life with pain management. Now I rarely come out of my bedroom because I’m in so much pain I’m secluding myself from everybody I love and care about. I wake up in pain. I go to bed in pain. I hate that the medication I need in order to survive and have good quality of life has been stripped away from me. I am a legitimate patient. My problems are real. I have lost all respect for my family doctor and the entire medical system

(6 hours ago) Someone from Bedford, IN writes:
My grandma who is 83 years old gets turned down for pain medication at the pharmacy.

My brother in law who is an active duty guardsman (staff sergeant) in the U.S. Army and a combat veteran who is DRUG TESTED repeatedly as a part of his job was given aspirin at the local ER and refused opiates when he had a bone infection in his inner ear / jaw. He was crying from the pain and the guy DOES NOT CRY – EVER.

I am on a watch list because I’ve been prescribed “too many” anxiety pills which I have been taking for years via prescription, which I only take as needed and even though I’m allowed up to 3 a day according to the RX, I only take one when things are bad and I’m having a panic attack because god forbid I run out when I really need it, like having to fly for work travel. I have a full time job in electronics as one of the posters above and I’m considered a stellar employee…

(10 hours ago) Andrew from Prescott, AZ writes:
I now have Lupus (SLE) and cancer (S3/4 Glioblastoma brain cancer) from years of physical and emotional stresses directly resulting from under-managed pain due to an accident… One of my doctors who saw the state I was in recently… teared-up and just hugged me, because he couldn’t properly medicate me for pain because the DEA had recently “laid down the law again” by threatening to take away licenses if they did not see more progress (i.e. forcing patients to use less and less medication).

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS, as I have to wait until I am dying under hospice care to be treated for pain, and I am dying due to over 12 years of under-managed pain and the horrendous stresses it placed on my mind and body. THE DEA SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

(1 day ago) Someone from Fort Myers, FL writes:
I have had progressive MS for years and believe me it IS painful. I have lived on Vicodin for years. It is the only thing that allowed me to work everyday and not be in horrible pain, 24/7. I had to change neurologist because mine retired. I had to to a new one who was so scared she would not even mention narcotics, so I asked her what she gave her MS patients for pain she said MS patients did not have pain, just spasms as she stood there sweating and lying. Se told me to try advil, Was she kidding?

(2 days ago) Someone from Billings, MT writes:
My brother was allowed to lay there and die of a heart attack because someone thought it was a drug overdose. The autopsy revealed NO drugs of any kind in his system. Now two children are left without a father…

(1 day ago) robert f. from Fayetteville, WV writes:
doctor,refusing to treat crontic pain.after i proved positive for cannabis ,dr.knew i had glycoma and had been using it for treatment also have chronic pain in lower back pain and he had been treating with hydrozone for 6yrs. dr.stoped treatment cold turkey.do patinance have any rights.i am liveing a mizeryable life.please help.

(3 days ago) jim b. from Jacksonville, FL writes:
Can’t live in this pain much longer. It appears my death will be my only relief.

(4 days ago) George G. from Pittsburgh, PA writes:
I suffer. Then you have the nerve to say not to commit suicide? Up yours!

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