Painkillers as bad as alcohol and tobacco?

Franklin questions how the government decides which drugs to make illegal, because the numbers show that legal drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and painkillers kill far more Americans than illegal drugs do…

I don’t know if there are any circumstances where alcohol or cigarettes could actually be deemed to be beneficial, but I don’t have any questions about opioids providing significant benefits to those who are in pain.

Cannabis advocates like to compare bud to alcohol — it’s an obvious look at immense hypocrisy. They also like to bad-mouth opioids, because when you compare bud and painkillers, bud usually comes out on top. After all, bud has never killed anyone.

But I don’t think opioids, themselves, are responsible for all these overdose deaths. I’m positive that these drugs actually save lives, every single day. In fact, opioids provide much more benefit than harm, just like bud.

3 thoughts on “Painkillers as bad as alcohol and tobacco?

  1. I’m certain painkillers prevent some suicides and dangerous self-medication tactics.
    (Like how many people are now addicted to heroin after being taken off opioids.)
    Alcohol can work medicinally on certain levels. Lil wine is good for blood pressure. Europeans believe in digestifs and I may at times as well. A small glass of bourbon makes my joints feel better. People say tequila will kill a stomach bug (I don’t know.) I’ve had a hot toddy for a fever once, and it worked. Two glasses of wine treats me the same as a milligram of Ativan.
    Cigarettes, well all I’ve got for that is that it can help you move your bowels, but so do prunes…eventually. I gave up the nicotine, but still vape (I think anxiety crutch…)
    Then there’s the coffee, the sugar, the comfort of tea, the increase in energy drinks UP UP UP and then stuff to DOWN DOWN DOWN…sleep aids…
    Many people are self-medicating mental illness without the realization that they are.
    Sufferers of chronic pain need meds in order to even face the day.
    I’ve never understood how anyone treats addiction without talking about the pain…
    And pot, well, that’s a cure-all for many. Legalizing it is beneficence.

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    • You’re right, of course. Since I don’t drink, I tend to forget the benefits of alcohol. (And it’s cheap, too!) I guess I was thinking more about the long-term effects of these drugs… Like if you’re using alcohol to treat pain on a daily basis, which would be more harmful, taking a pill or the alcohol?

      I want to switch to vaping instead of cigarettes… But taking care of a vaporizor is more work than smoking a cigarette… and I have a hard time trusting the liquid nicotine products… no regulation… but vaping is cheaper and less harmful… Yeah, it appears I’m just lazy. 🙂

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      • I’ve had great results with the vaping. It’s way cheaper and sooo much cleaner. It’s worth a shot, when you’re not feelin lazy.
        I had a neighbor who has psoriatic arthritis and he was admittedly self-medicating with alcohol. I did worry about him from time to time…his liver particularly. But then, pills are hard on the liver, too.

        Pain sucks.

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