Since I’m not a lucky person, I can’t be the only one who’s never been the victim of bird poop that falls from the sky (not counting my car). That is, until yesterday…


There I was, taking pictures and minding my own business, when the turd arrived…


It bounced harmlessly off my arm (which obviously means that the bird who delivered the missile needs more fiber in his diet)…

04DSC07567 (2)

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that this is the first (and hopefully only) time I’ve been pooped on.

06DSC07401 (4)

Maybe our poop should come with a warning sound.

DSC07563 (3)

Birds be like, it’s getting cold in New Mexico, we’re outta here.

(Photos taken yesterday.)


Don’t mind us, we’re just along for the ride.

6 thoughts on “Pooped On

  1. You’re lucky you’re not Aeschylus. The Greek playwright was dive-bombed to death by an eagle who dropped a turtle on his bald head mistaking it for a rock.

    Aerial poop on your arm is your first–and last–warning from the avian mafia 🙂

    All kidding aside I love how swallows congregate on power lines like that. I can see hundreds of them at a time doing this just outside my house in the summer.

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