Photo taken 6/18/2015.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas has fallen to $2.064. But this figure is only an average, and there are factors that could drive the price toward $1 in some states…


Photo taken 11/24/2015


Also taken on 11/24/2015

From 2008:  How low can the price of gas fall? With drivers paying the cheapest price to fill their tanks in nearly four years, it is a question many consumers are pondering, with some experts speculating it is possible prices could even drop below $1 per gallon. Prices already have decreased to below $1.25 per gallon in some parts of the Midwest. With the economy in a freefall, analysts do not rule out crude oil, which traded Friday in the mid-$40 range, sinking to $20 per barrel, a price that could translate to gas at $1 per gallon…

3 thoughts on “Look Out Below

  1. Still $2.25 a gallon in NY State, rip-off capitol of America. We pay more for everything in this state compared to the rest of the US but can’t even get a decent medical marijuana law for table scraps from the governor.

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