Comcast issues in-browser warnings to users who are suspected of illegal file-sharing

The alerts are an extension of Comcast’s Copyright Alert System, which is called “Six Strikes.” The warnings appear whenever a user is suspected of doing something that that has to do with illegal file-sharing. They do not come in the form of an email or phone call, though; instead, users will get a pop-up message right on their web browser that tells them to stop what they’re doing.

Consumers who don’t heed the warnings can be penalized by the company in a couple different ways. Their data speed can be slowed to a crawl or, in some cases, the company can terminate access to the Internet altogether…

The notices seem to affect users most when they access websites with standard HTTP connections, which are not as secure as HTTPS connections. For users who want to avoid the alerts, there is an HTTPS Everywhere plugin for Chrome and Firefox web browsers that could be useful.

3 thoughts on “Comcast issues in-browser warnings to users who are suspected of illegal file-sharing

  1. I had both of those ISP’s and they where both a nightmare. Centurylink had given me a special deal paying $24.00 a month for 1 year because I was paying $50 to $100.00 a month over a 5 month period. My connection was so slow . I started feeling like I wasn’t alone on my Dsl connection. So after about 1 month of complaining to there off-shore technical and billing department, they sent a tech out and he found a massive splice in my line. After a few days of waiting for the guy to come back, he told me that he went to the terminal that operated my line and tested it from there ? And anyway to make a long story short. He ended up putting me on another line a mile down the road and giving me that special price for a year. It was all set up and i made sure i got everything in writing with his signature. Well after about a month things got real strange. They started monitoring my usage . I would get pop-ups saying that my computer was connected to a remote network and it was transferring files. The whole situation was stranger then fiction and believe me there was alot more. I ended up moving and tried to transfer my service. They never transferred it to my new address instead the blew up my credit report with over 100 bad comments. Luckily I was paying to have my credit monitored because of that situation and I was able to get it removed.. Then it was on to Comcast….. Another nightmare . I dont pay for internet now .😆

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