Why did I unfollow you?

Six months ago, there was something about my blog that caused you to click on the follow button. And even though it took me a month or so, I eventually followed you in return. I made numerous likes and comments on your blog, and you made a few on mine. Good times. πŸ™‚

Then you became a ghost follower — no more likes and no more comments. Just silence. (Had I said something to offend?) But that didn’t stop me from continuing to like your posts. It was an uneven blogging relationship, but I was fine with it… for awhile…

It’s funny how I never run into anyone I know when I’m out and about in the real world, but after blogging for a year, I’m constantly running into familiar avatars — like yours. I’ve noticed the likes and comments you give other bloggers, and I began to wonder what it was about my blog that you’ve deemed so unworthy of your time. (Or even worse, boring.)

Perhaps I’m doing us both a favor by unfollowing you. After all, if there was anything about my blog that you still liked, I’m sure you would’ve been able to show it by now.

I have no regrets, dude. Thanks for making me laugh and happy blogging. πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Why did I unfollow you?

  1. I guess it’s the same with Facebook (Why did you unfriend me?). I quite happen to like your posts, and agree with a lot of things you post. I just wanted to let you know that. I know you don’t seem to care at all about the following/unfollowing, but I think it’s nice to tell people nice things (as long as they’re the truth, and not lies). And I really enjoy reading your blog.

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    • I guess you could put it like that. But there’s only so many blogs I can read every day, just like there are only so many blogs that this person I’m talking about can read, too. And if this blogger doesn’t have the time or inclination to read anything I post, I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to spend my blogging time on their posts. Of course, there’s always exceptions…


        • Now I feel like a mean bitch. πŸ™‚ Not that I’m opposed to being a bitch to keep my stress levels down, but it still feels kinda bad…

          You know, I don’t follow that many people (including you). But every day, I spend time visiting other blogs, and I choose who to visit based on a number of things — the number of likes I get is one of those ways because it tells me that someone took the time to at least read the heading and click on the like button. I’m not saying my time is more valuable than anyone else’s, just that we all have to make choices on where to spend our time.

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        • yeah but your time should not be spent on a page because somebody went on your page, because what you write may not be what you want to read, i read lots but hardly pick by who the author is, i usually go by headline actually regardless but if i miss a follower it aint relevant. A follower follows your stuff cos they are interested in what you write i reckon

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  2. Shit, I follow and unfollow people all the time, depends on what they’re posting. Baby photos, sex life ddetails and religion are usually deal-breakers.

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  3. Well you said dude at the end so I know it’s not me πŸ™‚ great post….quite a wake up call to someone, but if they don’t read and like, perhaps they will never notice and there for not worthy….Peace and have a great day ::) K

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      • Cool dude😊 getting dumped sucks but in hindsight, you find they weren’t so deserving after all..keep calm and unfollow onπŸ˜€ a joke…still waking up, brain moving a wee bit slow😊 have a lovely holiday too, peace, Kim

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