The ACA and buyer remorse

I know many people are unhappy with the Affordable Care Act.

Even though I have Medicare, some of the same problems apply. I don’t know my exact annual deductible, but I know it’s over $100. While that may not seem like much to you, it’s an awful lot to me. Which means that if I wanted to go to the doctor, my first visit of the year comes out of my pocket. And if I’m sick enough to go to the doctor, then the expense would include tests and medications… all this is out of my budget.

Of course, my budget includes bud, medicine not covered by any insurance. I’m still waiting to hear from Medicare about whether it will cover the annual doctor visit for a certification in the state’s medical cannabis program (it’s been 8 months):

But here’s the thing…  Even though the ACA didn’t apply to me, that didn’t stop me from learning about it. And all the things people are now complaining about were predicted before the ACA even went into effect. I know people are too busy (and political) to do their own research, but yeah, if they had, then they would have been better prepared for the insurance industry’s new cash cow.

painkills2 says:
November 17, 2015 at 1:59 am
I think it’s a little shortsighted to blame the ACA for the problems in our health care system. After all, it’s not the government that benefits from the ACA — it’s the insurance industry. And when you make deals with the devil, a lot of people are likely to get burned.

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