Health insurance companies and ideology

Keep in mind that when you choose an insurance company, you’re also choosing to abide by its ideologies (other than the most important one — to make a profit). This is especially important for a chronic pain patient.

Along with the DEA, insurance companies are the ones that decide how medical conditions are treated. And if an insurance company advocates for the opioid war, then it’s likely it will offer few benefits for pain patients. (It’s very easy for a private insurance company to discriminate, but it’s generally a little more difficult for government programs like Medicare and Medicaid.)

As an example, let’s look at the new health insurance policies offered only to religious people, like Catholics. With a policy like that, if you’re raped and need an abortion, you’ll be paying for that yourself. (Of course, you’ll also be paying for your contraception, which most say 95% of Catholics have used.) If you’re a terminal patient seeking assisted suicide services, you’ll be paying for that yourself. And if you’re a patient who wants to manage their pain with medical cannabis or opioids, I’m sure the Catholic religion has an opinion about that, too.

Almost all the large insurance companies now have new restrictions and hoops that pain patients have to jump through. So, before you choose an insurance company, it’s probably a good idea to do a little research first.

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