I still got it

When I was young, I had a typing speed of about 120 wpm. (Mostly because the only vocational education I had in high school was a typing course, seeing as I was a girl and all.)


I only took this test once (because tests are stressful), but it scored me at 96 wpm with 3 errors, so 93 wpm. I might not be able to balance my checkbook, but yeah, I still got it. 🙂

What’s your score?

15 thoughts on “I still got it

  1. Aw man! Mine was 102, adjusted to 100 for errors. I’ve dropped from 135 ages ago! Hmph. Worse things to complain about, I suppose. 😉 I wonder what it would have been if I hadn’t edited as I went? Haha, I don’t wanna know. No way am I taking it again!

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  2. 71 – so apparently I’m competent at typing, but you all blow me out of the water (and then some)!! I also edited as I went, but maybe typing speed is supposed to account for one’s habit of doing that?
    Ah well, I can do calculations in my head pretty fast, so I guess I make up for it by having talents elsewhere. ;P

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      • That makes sense; I also have really long fingers so that probably makes it even worse (though I have been told over and over that they’d be perfect for playing the piano).
        Usually it’s a nice skill, but it can make tutoring difficult sometimes, haha :p

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        • I’m just wondering, do you consider yourself a visual person? Like, do you need to see how things are done to learn them or can you learn just through reading? I tend to think that my problems with math are because I can’t visualize math problems, but I don’t know if that’s connected to my lack of creativity or just because I suck at math. 🙂

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        • I always learn best by hearing things or by doing things (like listening to a lecture or writing out steps). I’ve never been a visual person in general, but I also only retain things from reading if I find them extremely interesting. (I’m also terrible at geometry, and I think that’s because I’ve never been much of a visual person)
          Really, a lot of higher math deals with things we simply CAN’T visualise (for example, how can one possibly visualise a 5-dimensional subspace of a 7-dimensional vector space when our brains only know how to see things in 3 dimensions?) so I wouldn’t worry about not being able to visualise things. I can’t do it either! (:
          Honestly I think that most people have a hard time with math just because it isn’t taught right at the ‘public school’ level. /:

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        • I remember one time failing a test on Roman numerals in the 4th grade — I cried. That’s probably where my hatred of math comes from. 🙂 But I got good grades in math, all the way up to trigonometry. At 16, I’m like, I don’t care about trig. (And even in my old age, I still don’t care about trig.) But I use visualization to solve a lot of my problems, which is why I’ve never been able to solve my checkbook problem.

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        • Ah, that’s such a sad story! ): They shouldn’t torment 4th graders like that; I don’t really know why you’d even NEED to know Roman numerals (other than to know which Super Bowl is on, I guess). I was kind of the same way in my teens, though. I always did well in math class (though I got A’s in everything, so it’s not like math was my “best” subject – if anything, German was :p), but I never cared about any of it. (And I only care about trig now because I absolutely despise it!)
          I just go with logic and make arguments when I solve problems; in academics it’s foolproof, but in life it’s actually a terrible strategy because emotion always wins, haha. (I think that’s why I can’t solve my checkbook problem, either!)

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        • If you also have problems with your checkbook, then it’s obvious the problem is not with us — the banks are obviously ripping us off and messing with our heads. Of course, that doesn’t explain the few times that my checkbook balance said I had more money than my bank balance… Thanks for the conversation, dude, enjoyed it. 🙂

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