Nate Silver proves Hillary Clinton is Republican

In between making NFL predictions, Nate Silver over at has been busy with some political statistics and predictions. The latest one involves Hillary and Bill Clinton.

While the Clintons are a powerful political couple among influential Democrats, there are plenty of average citizens that no longer call themselves Democrats solely because of the Clintons. In fact, many call Mrs. Clinton a Republican:

To provide more insight into this paradox, Mr. Silver decided to create a statistical analysis that shows whether a candidate is more Democrat or Republican.

With lots of pretty, colorful charts, Mr. Silver tracks Mrs. Clinton’s progression throughout the years from a moderate Democrat to a moderate Republican, partially viewed through the same transformation seen in her husband. His analysis also shows how the two major parties have changed their ideologies throughout history, arriving at the current day, when it can be difficult to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Mr. Silver took the analysis one step further, predicting that plenty of moderate Republicans will vote for Mrs. Clinton, since in reality, she is the only moderate Republican running for President in 2016.

He also predicts that this will mean more votes for Bernie Sanders, as Mr. Sanders is the only true Democrat running in next year’s presidential election.


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