6 Random Things (Other Than Drugs) That Reduce Pain


#6. Touching Money 🙂

#4. Music

It turns out that listening to your favorite music — even if that music is death metal songs specifically about pain — allows you to tolerate up to twice your normal threshold of pain. Basically, the amount of pain you think you are feeling drops significantly.

And we’re not talking getting through a headache or stubbing your toe on your Rock Band drum set. This study was done on people enduring long-term hospital stays and people who suffer from chronic pain, and all of the study participants were on seriously hard drugs for treatment. The addition of their favorite music to their hospital rooms dramatically decreased the pain they were feeling.

Now you might shrug this off and say, “Of course, it’s a distraction. You’re not thinking about the pain, so you don’t feel it so much.” But the weird thing is that only music appears to have this effect. The study also looked at other forms of brain-occupying stimuli, such as math puzzles, artwork and listening to comedians, none of which had anywhere near the same effect as music.

#3. Imagination

As it turns out, kids have an effective pain killing ability that we jaded adults have completely lost. That ability is imagination…

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