Maybe a star can only shine for a short time

Some critics say that this movie was like watching a train wreck, and perhaps it was. But more than that, it’s about this young woman, her gigantic talent, and her deep love of music. Of course, it’s also about her bulimia and abuse of alcohol, drugs, and love. But just like every other person who suffers from mental illness, Amy Winehouse was so much more than just her addictions.

After winning a Grammy, Amy remarked to one of her best friends:  “This is so boring without drugs.” As someone who considers boredom an enemy, I can certainly understand where she was coming from, but…

Here’s this awesome young woman, with character, courage, sass, and a talent that couldn’t be contained — and yet she suffered from bulimia and low self-esteem. And her incredible talent wasn’t enough to keep her from boredom. It’s sad and it’s tragic, but how could we have saved her? I sure wish I knew…

Watching Amy’s decline, all of it so public, and the reactions of the media and comedians (like Jay Leno)… she was treated brutally. Why is it okay to make fun of people who are suffering from addiction?

What’s the difference between Amy Winehouse and someone like Adele? Is it the otherworldly talent that turns creative people towards drug addiction or is it the people that they surround themselves with? Or is it our DNA that has control?

6 thoughts on “Maybe a star can only shine for a short time

  1. The film was heartbreaking. It was the first time that I had an appreciation for her musical talent, instead of the celebrity persona. And that made me despise myself for having played along with the media story all along. But the film also crosses the line into voyeurism, just like the paparazzi did. A bit more respect is due.

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  2. I’ve always loved Amy Winehouse and found it tragic and hurtful the way she was treated by the media. I remember thinking after she was kicked offstage in Belgrade, “the next time we hear about her, she will be dead.” They did the same with Britney Spears. The media couldn’t get enough when her bipolar was not treated. Then when she was finally getting better, they lamented over lost profits as her “antics” stopped. So very sad and tragic.

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