HUD Seeks To Ban Smoking In Public Housing

Johnna Stahl · Albuquerque, New Mexico
If you’re going to ban smoking for poor people, you might as well ban alcohol, too. Kids (and the public) are in more danger from parents who drink than from parents who smoke. We should also ban the use of pesticides on apartment grounds, especially where kids play. And now that we know that meat is carcinogenic, no more outside grilling at apartment complexes. In fact, no more cooking meat inside, either — smoke caused by meat can infect other tenants with cancer. And HUD should make sure its apartment complexes are a certain distance from other causes of pollution, like freeways and industrial sites. When was the last time HUD tested its properties for other toxins, not only in the air, but in the water, too?

This is plain and obvious discrimination against poor people (and renters), especially medical cannabis patients who choose to smoke their medicine. If poor people could afford homes, this discrimination wouldn’t be possible.

One thought on “HUD Seeks To Ban Smoking In Public Housing

  1. HUD needs to be more concerned with the toxicity level of radon, black mold, roaches, freon gas leaks from ancient furnances. Maybe they need to make these slum lords more accountable for the living conditions & safety of the tenants.

    I had 3 neighbors, who had pneumonia this past summer, from ammonia gas leaks out of the ac. Not to mention I lost my cat, due to to an ammonia freon leak in my apartment.

    Though I’ve never blamed HUD for the horrible living conditions, it’s mostly the responsibility of the landlord to take care of the tenants welfare.

    I also know that my slumlord has told me that my complex doesn’t really want kids living here, as it’s mostly seniors. Though the slumlord allows people, who have kids to live here that aren’t on a lease. Yes I feel sorry for the kids, but the slumlord knows about the toxicions in the apartments.

    After living in slum conditions, that has effected my bad health problems, I truly understand why some go homeless. I myself have come to the conclusion that public housing is our modern day concentration camps, run by nazi, Hitler slumlords. You are no longer a human being, with rights or freedom. Your simply warehoused to die. If they can speed that process up, with the toxicions they allow in your living space, they don’t seem to care. I think to them, your just a cash cow.

    * All of this has been my personal experience in public housing. I hope there are good complexes & landlords out there. I just haven’t found it yet. I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone.

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