VA is cheaper than Medicare

McDonald described a VA that is doing much to address problems that investigators say caused chronic delays for veterans seeking care. McDonald said the VA completed 3.1 million more appointments in the latest fiscal year than the previous one. It also hired thousands of new doctors and nurses.

Still, the organization is struggling to keep up. McDonald said the number of appointments not completed in 30 days has grown from 300,000 to nearly 500,000.

McDonald said more veterans are coming to the VA despite often having access to Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. He said the VA is more convenient, effective and cheaper. A veteran would have to pay a $5,000 co-pay to get a knee replacement through Medicare, but not at the VA. For veterans with hearing loss, going to the VA can save them about $4,000 compared to other coverage…

One thought on “VA is cheaper than Medicare

  1. Medicare insurance is “cheap” in the sense that overhead is as little as 5 percent of revenue versus over 30 percent for private sector insurances. Then there is the cost of profit to be added to the total for even more inefficiency.

    The problem is Medicare is used to pay for insanely overpriced and poor quality medical “care” in the private sector, which itself is delivered in an inefficient and costly manner with massive overhead, price gouging, duplication of services and unnecessary procedures.

    The VA gets to avoid all that by operating on a non-profit basis, and its fully integrated computerized system means medical records are instantly available anywhere in the system for all patients. It is way more efficient and coordinated than the ongoing train wreck that is private medicine in the US. For example the VA has nearly eliminated deaths and injuries due to prescription drug errors by developing protocols that are identical throughout the whole system. The private sector is still whining about electronic medical records that can save lives but are perceived to be inconvenient.

    We really need a nationalized medical system operating on a non-profit basis form the ground up. No “single-payer” nonsense which is just about giving a blank check to the rapaciously greedy US medical system. The pursuit of profit is at odds with the only proper goal of a medical system which is to provide the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

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