DNA test designed to predict drug response


Just as 23andMe has made peace with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, another direct-to-consumer genetics company is testing the regulatory waters with the launch of a $249 DNA test designed to predict drug response…

Currently, pharmacogenetics tests are ordered directly by a treating physician and are not available to consumers. One, GeneSight, made by Assurex Health, is covered by Medicare and some insurers. GeneSight’s sticker price is more than $3,000, but the company says the average patient pays no more than $330…

For Zimmer, the push is personal, born out of the experiences of his 16-year-old daughter, who suffered with severe depression while her doctor tried to find the right medication and dose to treat her. Zimmer believes consumers should have access to their own data through an affordable test…

3 thoughts on “DNA test designed to predict drug response

  1. It’s so frustrating to me that the FDA must cry foul over the general public’s attempt to have even some control over theIr own health. They say it’s in the name of safety, but money is usually the issue. I have many family members, who saw regular doctors for chronic conditions, only to discover the REAL problem and treatment using dietary changes, etc. We’ve also used 23andme to help find out about the mthfr mutation.

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    • There has to be some level of regulation — otherwise, test results could be inaccurate. And then lots of people would be making medical decisions based on bad information. I wonder, is there any regulation on the lab tests themselves?

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      • I’m not sure about these new tests, but I know with 23andme, the results themselves Ares impossible to read. You need the help of a medical professional. I really feel that healthcare should be managed by both patient and doctor. Even if these tests are available without the need of a doctor, the treatment may not be. But it gives the patient a sense of control over theIr health, and that’s important. After all, no doctor can force a healthy lifestyle. In the end, for all the regulations, etc, only you and I can make the decision to follow through with medical advice.

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