What do you think about circumcision?


The American Academy of Pediatrics continues to take heat for its stance in favor of male infant circumcision. Should physicians recommend circumcision for newborn boys?

When my son was born, there was never a question about circumcision. I don’t remember anyone asking me how I felt about it, or educating me on the benefits and harms. But there is research showing that pain felt as a baby can negatively affect the adult:


(2004) Are There Long-Term Consequences of Pain in Newborn or Very Young Infants?



When you consider that anesthesia is often not used during these procedures, I would say this amounts to torture.  It would be interesting to see a study of those who were circumcised and those who were not — what correlations would be found, especially dealing with mental illness and chronic pain (even cancer)? When do memories of trauma form and can they survive infancy?

As for the health benefits and harms of being circumcised, I’m going to leave that for the men to debate. As a woman, while I was sexually active, I never came across a guy who wasn’t circumcised. But, as women, we should be accepting of all kinds of penises, no matter what they look like. 🙂

8 thoughts on “What do you think about circumcision?

  1. I agree, and I think it amounts to torture. The arguments about cleanliness are purely misinformed, and in-tact men also have increased sexual pleasure compared to circumcised men…it just seems outdated and barbaric to remove the foreskin. Of course, when I was younger I would definitely have circumcised a son had I had one. Anyway…I know this is an inflammatory topic, but those are my two cents. 🙂

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  2. We had LM circumcised. I hadn’t given it a thought until I was woken in the middle of the night after delivering and asked. I said “whatever” and went back to sleep. After doing a lot of reading since, I so regret having that done and wouldn’t again.

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  3. When I was a resident physician in pediatrics, we were required to do circumcisions. I did ONE, and after that gruesome experience I refused to do any more.

    There are medical justifications, but these can be taken care of with proper education of parents and the boy when he is old enough, usually starting at age 3.

    I did not have my son circumcised, since at the time he was born I was not a practicing Jew. I believe that circumcision is certainly warranted for religious reasons. A Jewish circumcision is done by a specially trained person, as a rite of passage at the age of eight days. It is unbelievably quick and generally painless.

    In areas of the world where HIV is endemic, or in the case of men who have unprotected sex with other men, circumcision is life saving. It also protects these same populations from penile cancer caused by papillomavirus. In developed countries, the HPV vaccine will eliminate most of that.

    I went to a conference given by men about circumcision. The foreskin is a very erogenously sensitive organ, and men who have them like them A LOT.

    Uncircumcised boys need to be taught how to keep themselves clean so they don’t get infections, just as girls need to learn proper genital hygiene. The HPV vaccine will keep boys and men from getting genital warts.

    The AAP has always leaned heavily on the fact that intact baby boys get more urinary tract infections than do circumcised boys. This can be significant, because in young babies the infection quickly goes into the bloodstream and the whole body.

    However, the actual number of baby boys who get such an infection is tiny, tiny, tiny. As a pediatrician, I was willing to take that tiny risk rather than have my boy strapped to a plastic board and subjected to 15 minutes of pure torture. In those days there was no anesthesia. I don’t know if there is today.

    In non-religious newborn circumcision, I think each set of parents must make their own decisions based on good information. Doing it simply “so he looks like his daddy”…Well…

    My answer came when my son was three years old. I was sitting with him while he had his bath one night, and he was cleaning his penis the way I had taught him to do. He looked up at me and said “Mama?” “What, son?” “Poor daddy,” he says. “The doctors took away his foreskin when he was just a baby!”

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  4. I asked the only guy I know who wouldn’t look at me like I had three heads about this. He told me he wishes he could’ve made the decision himself later in life. Also, he can recall a few years that were painful for him, and now assumes it was growing into scar tissue. That makes sense. As much as I bash my womanhood, I’m glad I don’t have a penis (there are enough dicks in the world 😉 )

    I’m unsure what I would do, given that said child is, and probably always will be hypothetical. I lean towards no. I don’t think I’d do it.

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    • I can understand the arguments both for and against, at least as they relate to health. But I would worry about other kids making fun of a boy who wasn’t circumcised. Of course, if kids don’t make fun of one thing, they’ll make fun of something else.


  5. My son – who is 3 – was circumcised as an infant. It was such a horribly tough decision to make. I didn’t really want to but my husband really was for it. I researched and couldn’t arrive at a firm decision. Ultimately, I left the decision to my husband. The doctor that performed it (my obgyn) was excellent, thankfully, and all went well.

    For the record, I dated a man that was uncircumcised and I didn’t have any issues with it. 🙂

    This was fun to discuss. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  6. I think it should be illegal to do this to a child. We have already outlawed female genital mutilation, so why not this as well? Finland is the only country I am aware of where they have outlawed circumcision, but it’s a start.

    A lot of parents are persuaded to do this by largely bogus medical arguments, just as women in the US are persuaded to have caesarian births and hysterectomies at appalling rates. It all comes down to money. At an average of around $7,000 each for a medical circumcision times roughly 100 million American men who have had it done you are looking at $700 billion in today’s dollars adjusted or inflation. With that kind of money to be made, the “science” can be adjusted to support any conclusion you like.

    I was born in Scotland so praise be to Priapus my parents weren’t pressured to have this done to me. Of course I would never know the difference if they did which is why so many men feel it is no big deal. But ask anyone who has had it done in adulthood and usually they regret the decision.

    As it turns out this is an elective procedure at the VA and they will perform a circumcision on your request. They wouldn’t lance a nasty abcess I had but the (female) doctor was quite enthused about giving Mr Winky a trim after I developed phimosis from a yeast infection.

    I was like…uh…no thanks 🙂

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