I had to make a special trip to Walmart today (because Claritin-D). Once in awhile, I see this chipper young woman behind the cash register, like today. She always says she likes the sayings on my t-shirts, and I compliment her on her chipper-i-ness.

Today we talked about how the size of products have gotten smaller and smaller, and she said women’s products are getting smaller but men’s products are getting bigger. So, today I learned that it’s probably cheaper to buy products made for men.

These birds were enjoying the sunshine next to my car in the Walmart parking lot:

0DSC06839 (4)

0DSC06840 (3)

While making friends with my neighborhood squirrel this afternoon (through the international symbol of friendship — free food), I noticed that the honeysuckle are still hanging on:

0DSC06858 (6)

0DSC06858 (8)

0DSC06861 (3)

0DSC06863 (2)

0DSC06861 (5)

It took me all day to make homemade pizza, and now that I’m uncomfortably full of cheese (and mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions), I still don’t feel like scrubbing my toilet.  Maybe tomorrow…

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