White Middle-Aged Americans See Mortality Increase


Middle-aged, non-Hispanic white Americans saw a “marked increase” in mortality between 1999 and 2013, a reversal from a decades-long decline that can be largely explained by a spike in suicide, substance abuse and liver disease, new research shows…

The authors note that the period coincided with an era of increased use of prescription pain-killers and came at a time when white, middle-aged Americans increasingly reported being in pain and poor health in self-assessment surveys. They also say economics could have been a driver in the change…

The change in overall mortality was driven by those with a high-school degree or less, the study found, drawing from sources including data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Census Bureau. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher saw death rates fall — though they too posted an increase in mortality from suicide and drug and alcohol poisonings…

“A serious concern is that those currently in midlife will age into Medicare in worse health than the currently elderly,” they write, and “addictions are hard to treat and pain is hard to control, so those currently in midlife may be a ‘lost generation’ whose future is less bright than those who preceded them.”

One thought on “White Middle-Aged Americans See Mortality Increase

  1. Opiates are killing everyone! Run for the Hills! We need more drug warriors to fight the scourge before it destroys America!

    The amount of crap they can blame on 16,000 alleged “overdose” deaths a year is amazing. Now they are making it out to be a major cause of death. Less than 1 percent of the American populace uses opiate drugs, a category which includes people who aren’t addicts, but this is somehow a “lost generation” due to opiate addiction. 450,000 Americans die every year of medical errors but the focus is always on a single drug category. Nearly 5 million people dying every decade due to medical incompetence and depraved indifference to human life but none of these people is “lost.”

    The bullshit never stops in this country,

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