The wife of the jogger hacked to death at random earlier this month committed suicide Sunday, authorities said Monday. The suspect in the killing is former Texas A&M receiver Thomas Johnson, who was arrested Oct. 13 after police said he admitted to the crime.

Patti Stevens, 54, a physical therapist, was found dead of suspected suicide at her home in the 200 block of Brazos Lane in Sunnyvale, Raul Reyna, a spokesman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, told the Dallas Morning News. Stevens and her husband, Dave, were married for 25 years after moving to the Dallas area in 1989…

Is football partially to blame for brutal slaying of Dallas jogger?

It should scare everybody that a kid who only three years ago was catching passes from Manziel to help A&M upset Alabama is now sitting in a jail cell after the most brutal of crimes.

Johnson’s story always had been slightly confusing, strange. He disappeared not long after that game, literally walked away from campus. He was declared missing for three days and then ended up in Dallas never to return to or play another down for A&M…  What happened in those three days he went missing in 2012? Why did he leave at all? Was it pressure? Or drugs? Or was the guy just mentally ill?

And if this was the case — and a relative told The Dallas Morning News he had been diagnosed schizophrenic — how does he slip through crack after crack after crack, plow through warning sign after warning sign after warning sign without intervention?

How is a kid like this not ordered into a mental health facility? Listening to so many around him talk in this aftermath, big red flags were flying that this kid needed help long before he used a cell phone to call police and say he had committed capital murder, you know the kind where people do not wake up.

If he had used a gun, we’d focus on the weapon.

He used a machete, and it should force us to look at the obvious gaps in mental health coverage in our country. Is the system too hard to navigate? Did his mom try? Do we get to ask?

Parenting is hard. I know this; anybody with a kid knows this. But about year ago, Johnson’s mom told The Houston Chronicle that her son was readying for a comeback at another college. Was this a mom protecting her son? Or in denial?

He was hearing voices. People around him knew.

If he is mentally ill, can we wipe our hands of this mess? Or is there responsibility for those who knew? Because whether this is an unavoidable tragedy or negligence probably depends on if you know the man Johnson killed as a jogger or as Dave Stevens.

It took police more than a day to identify him because he had been so badly butchered. How do you live with that? His wife ultimately could not.

Who is responsible for this? Is anybody? Is everybody? …

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