More ER visits for anti-anxiety and insomnia medications than opioids

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Mary Maston
MSK Advocate
October 23, 2015 at 1:16 PM

When you’re this sick every single day, it’s exhausting to jump through all of the hoops just to feel decent for 30 days and then worry that your doctor’s attitude or opinion may have changed in that 30 days, or that he or she is being pressured to prescribe less and will cut you back drastically or drop you altogether, or he or she will be investigated by the powers that be and that you may not be able to get them the next month. While I still believe in our rights to pain control and the medications that help, and I will continue to fight for that until my last breath, I do it while I’m personally suffering. If marijuana were legal in my state, I’d use it in a heartbeat, but it isn’t. So I just suffer with rocks in both kidneys and chronic cystitis that nobody can do anything about. I think this is exactly what PROP, the CDC, the FDA, and the DEA want, and it’s exactly what they’re getting…

Ironically, there were more ER visits for anti-anxiety and insomnia medications in 2013 than there were opioids, according to their own reports, but we’re just going to sweep that little fact under the rug and ignore it, because the war is on opioids right now…

Drug misuse and abuse caused about 2.5 million emergency department (ED) visits in 2011. Of these, more than 1.4 million ED visits were related to prescription drugs. Among those ED visits, 501,207 visits were related to anti-anxiety and insomnia medications, and 420,040 visits were related to opioid analgesics…

And how many were “related” to the combination of prescriptions drugs and alcohol? Now compare all of these to how many were “related” to cannabis. Prescription drugs and alcohol are legal, while cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug — which is why the DEA should change it’s name to the Hypocrisy Enforcement Agency.

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